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“Bill Cole is a real work horse. You can rely on Bill. He is honest and  loyal. He does what he says and says what he does, which is a rare find  these days. He always has an encouraging word and it has been my  pleasure to work with Bill on multiple projects over the years.” 

Mike Davidson, Founder, SpringTides Corp; BizBuildersUSA: Producer of Your Ultimate Sales Force Book; Sales Trainer with Sales Mercenary

“Bill was one of the most dedicated people we had in our network of vendors. His experience and skill set are a real asset to anyone looking for an e-commerce site.”

Alvin Mullins, Founder, Swamp Productions LLC

"Hey team, I gave a 75-minute interview to a freelance journalist today. He's writing an article for Associations Now that will include reference to Jurassic Parliament.

He commented twice, separately, on how much he liked our site. He said it was "slick" and easy-to-search. And that he liked the way it was laid out - logical and user-friendly.

KUDOS to all the team! Especially you, Bill!"

Ann Macfarlane, Jurassic Parliament

Mobile Presence Service

We can set you up with a mobile application for your customers that will enable you to interact directly with them via their mobile device.

  • Your customers are 6.5X more likely to interact with your business on a mobile device.
  • 95% of adults keep their phones within arms reach at all times.
  • In 2020 the world will have 6.1 Billion mobile smartphones.
  • Mobile is the fastest growing industry in history.
  • 90% of mobile notifications are read.

Call us today about a mobile application demonstration: 360-443-1082 or 360-286-4715.

Hourly rates

Hourly rates are determined by agreement, however, it should be known that my rates are well on the low side. Currently $30 per hour or under. Lower rates of pay can be negotiated with the purchase of subscription packages. I never charge for changes made to correct my errors.

You are the Boss

What I mean when I say this is that you will recieve every courtesy and all respect due an employer. My goal is to make a living as a servant. I take my job seriously and will make every effort to accomplish my goal. I will from time to time make suggestions that you are free to reject. If the task you require demands the skills of a professional better suited to the task, I will gladly make that referral.

Site Maintenance

Need someone to do the updating for your site?  I'm your guy. In addition to creating sites, I have always been available to upgrade sites on all platforms at a modest hourly rate. I can also set up a block rate that saves you money by giving you a set number of hours. I am at your beckoned call. In the event that it looks like it will run over, I will contact you in advance.

ADVANCED CSS3 Training and experience

New specifications for style sheets that are easier and quicker to update. If you wanted to change the colors or the way certain words or pictures are displayed, it can all be handled from one page.  This means that in addition to having a consistent style, if you decided to change your company colors or some other feature, the changes could be made in one document and be reflected on every page of the site.

ADVANCED HTML5 Training and experience

Along with the new style sheet specification, new standards for HTML markup are also being employed. Your browser has improved, and having a designer that can take advantage of those improvements is important to your customers.  Everybody likes flashy effects.  But more than flashy effects, the new HTML, alows you and your customers to view web content in a way that is more interactive and personable than ever.  Research on new techniques in HTML is a priority that benefits you.

ADVANCED JavaScript Library Usage

JavaScript can be used in a variety of ways to enhance user experience.  Unfortunately its unpredictable results with different browsers necessitates the use of advanced JavaScript libraries like jQuery. Codemaster Bill is constantly exploring new innovations with javascript libraries like jQuery and Mootools. These libraries are an efficient means of implementing features and effects that perform in all browsers to enhance user experience.

ADVANCED PHP Training and experience

Knowing how to balance browser script with server-side programming is what creates feature rich content without bogging down the browser or the server, where the site's pages are stored. A good designer looks at these things when making decisions about how features should be implemented.  But most importantly, understanding how to write programming that is sleek,secure and stable is something that only comes with hours of experience and study.  We are constantly immersed in these technologies, giving us greater understanding of not only how things can be done but what can be done.

WordPress Advanced Theme Designer

WordPress theme designer. Want a site that you can maintain, modify and optimize yourself?  Enter WordPress!  Chalked with a smooth, intuitive administrative interface and advanced features, WordPress can make anyone look good.  Add someone who can design a custom theme and you have the perfect combination to make your site hassle free and good looking.  WordPress is easy.  If you have ever used Microsoft Word to write documents then using WordPress will come easy to you.  If you want great results without the cost, then you can't go wrong with WordPress.  Call me today to setup your custom site - 360-443-1082.

ADVANCED CMS experience

Content Management Systems (CMS). Part of helping people means realizing the most cost effective solution for each situation.  Not everyone needs a web professional to maintain their site.  For those people, a custom template or theme in a popular CMS is the best solution.  I have worked extensively with Wordpress, Joomla and even Drupal.  I have also worked wit Affiniscape - a hosted solution - and ExpressionEngine. I know the features that are available for each of these systems and with a little information, I can make a determination which would most likely be the best choice for your web site.  CMSs are ready made sites that help you create content without having to know any HTML or programing.  Sometimes it's better to choose "easy" instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Site Building Experience and Training

15 years of designing web pages of all kinds on various platforms. I've modified e-commerce, informational, interactive and flash templates to fit the needs of my clients or adapt them to their brand of Content Management System (CMS). Additionally, I have built several sites from the ground up, complete with "AJAX" javascript effects such as lightbox or thickbox and dynamic database.

I have formal training - graduating with honors from North Georgia Technical College. I am also certified with Certified Internet Webmasters (CIW) both as a CIW Professional and a Master Designer. My transcripts are available upon request.  So, if it's credentials you want – I got 'em.  But more than the credentials, I have worked with and chosen only the best technologies to make your site the most effective.

Search Engine Optimization — Making You Find-able

Need more traffic? Call me at 360-443-1082. In the "old days" of web development — pre-2004 — web developers would build a site for clients and send them on their way. They were then left to build their traffic using both old and new methods of marketing.

Today, however, it has become necessary for web development professionals to "step in" and help clients build sites that have "built-in" traffic. I offer free advice with coaching and research at my hourly rate or as determined under our agreement.

Graphic Design

I have the technical skill to create original graphics using graphic editing and creation programs for both the Web and for offset or web printing. I have worked with both offset printers and web printers (Use for printing newspapers, shopper papers, etc..) for such purposes and understand their special requirements and specifications. Dots per inch (dpi), dot gain,CMYK and color sep are all terms I understand and can fulfill. Here are a few things I can do for offset and web printing. In all of these, a digital master tailored to specification creates a crisper, more professional looking image:

Logo Design Masters

Logo design is an interactive art that requires physical meeting or at least phone contact with the client. I design a growing number of start-up company logos. I always surrender all development files to the client. Logos purchased by wages belong to the employer. As such, I retain no royalties for use of said logo, unless otherwise agreed. Agreed hourly rates apply.

Business Cards

Business card designs are made to printing specifications. You retain all of the design materials and files should you decide to hand them off to someone else for changes —like another graphics professional or your grandson.—Michael Davidson

Business card designs are made to printing specifications. You retain all of the design materials and files should you decide to hand them off to someone else for changes —like another graphics professional or your grandson.—Michael Davidson

Print-ready Letterheads

Letterheads usually require a logo. Agreed hourly rates apply. You retain all of the design materials and files should you decide to hand them off to someone else for changes.

Print-ready Posters

These require all information as well as necessary graphics. Agreed hourly rates apply. You retain all of the design materials and files

Advertising Print

This is the down and dirty work of old school graphic design and commercial art. With a good understanding of composition and design layout, I can produce a print-ready ad for instant inclusion in any publication.

Technology Consultant

Tech consultingI am also available as a technology consultant. I have varying degrees of proficiency with regard to technology hardware and troubleshooting and will give limited advice for free, including referrals to those whom I deem more competent if necessary. Research and troubleshooting are time consuming and hourly rates apply.

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