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Here are some helpful products to help you win big in business — Absolutely FREE!

Press Releases that Get Printed!

Whether you are just getting started in business or work for a small business, this is a way to better your position with the company and give your business the exposure it needs to thrive!

Bill Cole, former publisher of East Tennessee Business Journal, shows you how to write press releases that get published.  By following some simple "dos" and "don'ts" you can get your press releases published and enjoy greater visibility as an organization.  It's a free download - what are you waiting for? Download Now.

Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography

Ben Franklin's Autobiography

Benjamin Franklin, well known scientist, statesman and diplomat was also this country's first self-made millionaire, back when a million dollars was really something.  Franklin worked his way from working class to one of the worlds most beloved millionaire-statesmen.  How did he do it?

Find out by reading this public domain classic.  More than a biography of an ealy American, Franklins autobiography is a blue print for success – with timeless principles and strategies you can put into practice today. Download now.

Clean Computer Tips

Okay, so admit you are not perfect.  Everyone has downloaded or clicked on that link that led to a series of money or time consuming events. So, how do you keep yourself—and your computer—out of trouble, while traversing the World Wide Web?  I've got just the cure for your consternation blues.  My "Clean Computer Tips" is a short, sweet and common sense oriented read on what to do and what not to do to keep your computer clean.  And unlike this encapsulated missive, I won't be using any $19 words—just plain talk.  Seriously, you will find all the advice I give you in this short pdf will save you hundreds of dollars on computer cleaning bills. It's good advice, free for the download. Download Now.

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